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A solar panel system on your roof will help you cut your electricity bills, insulate you from rising electricity prices and make a big difference to our environment.

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Off the back of many years of experience in the Australian solar market, First Class Solar was established with a vision to foster sustainable development in Northern Ireland, using photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

When working with a customer for a domestic installation, we always offer an individualised design that suits their exact requirements. There are many different options when going solar, and the situation of every home owner is different. We recognise this, and our team will always ensure we offer the most appropriate solution for you.

Some people may require a battery to store their solar power for use in the evening time; some prefer to heat their hot water with the excess solar electricity, and reduce their oil or gas bill; while other customers might have a smaller budget and want a simple system. 

Get in touch, and we’ll be able to help find the best solution for you.

What’s the best solar solution for my home?

The best solution for you takes into account your lifestyle, electric needs and usage patterns, home style and roof type, just to mention a few!

Many customers are interested in solar batteries – lithium-ion storage devices which store excess electricity produced by your solar PV system. People who are out most of the day use battery storage as a way to utilise their self-generated solar electricity. Others are eager to put the excess solar into heating their water. Our expert technicians also assess any shading concerns, high-usage items such as hot-tubs or EV (electric vehicle) chargers.

With average breakeven times for residential solar set to 6 years in Northern Ireland (The Independent, July 2023. “Solar Panels in Northern Ireland: A guide to costs and grants.”) there’s never been a better time to think about solar panels on your roof! Plus, with 0% VAT rates for residential solar installation as of 1 May 2023, homeowners can take advantage of further savings.

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Solar Installation Process


After you contact us via phone, email or our online form, our friendly staff will arrange for a site visit. This will be with you and one of our representatives at the proposed project address, at a time that is convenient to you.


We will evaluate your available roof space and help analyse your energy usage and costs. Our in-house designer will then use the information from the site visit to design a system that will work best for you, your home and your needs.


The system proposal will outline the equipment, warranties, projected savings and cost/return on investment for your home. You will be able to view this and request any alterations you feel you would like.


Once everything is agreed upon, we will get to work on all the paperwork required to successfully and legally install solar for your home. Leave it with us, you're in capable hands.


With step 4 complete, the project is now a go. We will take care of all material procurement, engineering and installation. Our installation team will install and perform safety checks, followed by our qualified solar electrician completing the electrical connections.

Enjoy and Save!

Post-installation, our support team will provide you with the Wi-Fi monitoring credentials, warranty documents and installation certificates, and will also ensure that you receive high quality technical support for all your future queries and concerns. Congratulations! Your new system is now helping you save money, and the environment!

Can I use solar energy to heat my water?

Yes you can! There will quite often be excess solar electricity produced by your system, especially in the summer time with the longer days and brighter weather.

The job of the MyEnergi Eddi is to divert this excess electricity into your hot water tank, rather than sending it back to the grid. This way, you get to use the electricity your solar system has produced, and reduce your oil or gas bill too – win win!
You’ll need a hot water tank and an immersion for the MyEnergi Eddi to work for you.

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We strive to always be available for our current customers, and easily reachable for anyone looking to become one.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you may have and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. We look forward to working with you!

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